Are Energy Drinks Causing Failed Drug Tests in Montana?

Energy drinks have exploded onto the beverage market over the past several years.  With choices from Red Bull, Monster or even major cola brands dipping their toes into the energy drink craze.


While tests have shown that excessive use of some of these drinks can have an adverse effect on the body.  But when I saw this latest Tik Tok claim, I had to check to see if I might fall into the "failed" category at my job.

This Isn't a New Phenomenon in Montana or the US

In 2019, the website Snopes conducted research on several different energy drinks to find out if they really were the culprit of failed drug tests as some on the internet claimed.  The findings were negative, energy drinks did not cause those failed tests.

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Now, a several new viral Tik Tok videos are sending the internet and people into a frenzy about the energy drink Celsius, saying those same exact things.  It will cause you to fail your drug test.

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The Proof is in the Pudding, Or in This Case, The Energy Drink

After independent studies were conducted on the energy drink Celsius, it was confirmed that no, this energy drink would not be cause for you to fail a drug test at work.  The website also stated that:

"Members of the VERIFY team purchased four cans of Celsius and tested them for drugs following similar steps shown in the viral TikTok videos.  We poured two different flavors of Celsius – Tropical Vibe and Arctic Vibe – into the sample containers provided in the kit and waited for the results. Both test results came back negative for all drugs."

So, no, you won't be busted for drinking an energy drink at your workplace if you have to submit to a drug test.

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