A Silly Trend Turns Dangerous - Watch Out Montana Drivers

A vehicle for some people is a simple way to get from point A to point B.  A means of transportation.  For others though, it is an extension of their personality and perhaps babied more than their own self-care.


Customizing your ride isn't new, but there is a trend that has taken off recently that could lead to some dangerous consequences if you were to be in an accident.

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This Isn't Something You Can Get at Your Local Mechanic Shop

When I say "customize", what do you think of when it involves cars?  New rims?  Dark tint on the windows?  Maybe it has more to do with the motor and some special goodies to make it go fast.  That's what I think of anyway.  But this is a totally different way to go about it.


No, it isn't about a mechanical upgrade, it's about a "bedazzled" upgrade that has the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) up in arms and issuing a warning about the dangers involved in bedazzling your ride.

Seriously, Don't Put This Crap on Your Car People

This really should go without saying, but apparently as with all warning labels, some folks don't get it.  Don't put stuff on your steering wheel everyone!  It the event of a crash, if your airbag were to deploy, you could suddenly have flying debris everywhere.

The NHTSA has stated that:

Unlike the permanently affixed logo on your vehicle’s steering wheel, these aftermarket decals can easily become dislodged when the air bag is deployed. Any alterations or changes to your air bag or its cover can also cause it to not function correctly.

Basically, keep your rhinestones to the shoelace express instead of the center of your steering wheel.

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