I will leave the details of this article rather vague to protect the identity of those involved.

Or should I??? Nope, Better stay on the side of caution.

Negativity and complaining without providing a solution to the situation are some of my biggest pet peeves!

It's honestly shocking how often I run across this type of personality.

It drives me up the wall!

Let's examine this for a minute.

Why Would Someone Complain In The First Place?

Maybe because they don't like something, someone, or a situation, or they're uncomfortable. I suppose the list is rather lengthy.

Let's keep it simple and say most folks complain because they don't like something.

So with that said, why in the world would you not try and at least offer some solution to the thing you're complaining about?

It seems like a waste of everyone's time to listen to someone complain and not get a darn thing out of it.

Am I completely nuts for feeling and thinking this way?

Negativity Goes Hand In Hand With Complaining

This makes total sense to me.

Think about it; I'm betting that the person complaining rarely sees any results from their complaining; Why?

Because they never even attempt to find a solution for the very thing they are complaining about!

All they do is complain and fail to offer constructive solutions.

What a vicious circle.

I'm far from a phycologist or have any clue as to why people are the way they are or what causes people to act the way they do.

But if you ever find yourself complaining and being negative, ask yourself, what is the solution to this problem?

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