The 23rd Annual Bringing the U to You Lecture Series On its Way to Great Falls

Every year the UM Alumni Association and the MSU Alumni Foundation work together to bring us the Bringing the U to You Lecture Series.  This lecture series, every year, bring us four great night of key note speakers.  The topics for these lectures are always different from year to year.  The speakers, for each topic, are leaders in their field.
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Not only can you count on these lecture series being educational and informative, you won't be paying more to attend this year, over the previous years.  For 23 years the ticket price has not budged.  Not many events now in days can claim something like that.  Take advantage of that while you can.

Lecture Series

January 24th 7-9pm Attorney Larry Mansch, UM

Wrongful convictions & the Montana Innocence Project

Larry Mansch will talk about Wrongful convictions & the Montana Innocence Project, and his role with the exoneration of seven wrongfully convicted men, who have collectively served over 100 years.

February 7th 7-9pm Professor Rob Thomas, UM Western

 Geothermal Energy and Geologic History of Montana

Professor Rob Thomas will discuss Geothermal Energy and Geologic History of Montana.  Thomas is also the author of Roadside Geology of Montana.

February 21st 7-9pm Professor Angela Des Jardins, MSU

Great American Eclipse 2024

Professor Angela Des Jardins will discuss the upcoming solar eclipse happening on April 8th, 2024.  She will also talk about the events that will be happening along with the eclipse.  The next eclipse after this one will be in 2044.

March 13th Professor Jayne Downey, MSU

Rural Education: The Power of Place

Professor Jayne Downey will discuss how rural educators lean heavily for strength and support of their communities and the importance of making connections with students.

Location For All Lectures:

2100 16th Avenue South - Great Falls College MSU - Heritage Hall


$25 for all 4 Lectures

$10 Individual Lectures

$5 Individual Lecture Students

Ticket Outlets:

Kaufman's Menswear

411 Central Ave

Leslie's Hallmark

Holiday Village Mall

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