Resolutions.  I gave up on them years ago.  If I can't get them done at any other point in the year, it isn't going to magically happen with the turning of the page on a calendar into a new year and month.  However, that doesn't mean that I don't have goals that need to be accomplished.  Even better if one can make a little extra cash while doing it!

Extra Cash?  In The New Year?  You Have My Attention!

During the holidays, I spoke about common items that you may have around your home that could in fact be used to re-gift to someone.  Simple and easy ways to save money.  But what if we flipped that and used those same items to not only get rid of some clutter, but perhaps even make a little bit of spending money out of it!  Let's do it!

My basement and garage are always a storage area.  But often times, when I start looking at the shelves and piles, I realize that many of those items are duplicates, or things that just don't get as much use as I once thought they would, or just simply didn't work for my application as I had hoped.  Don't let it collect dust!  Get rid of it!  The bonus, you clean up clutter in your home, and in your mind.  No longer will you see that big box of unused old clothing taking up space.  Or maybe all those TV's that have been replaced over the last few years.  They all need to go!

So What Are Those Items?  Our Gallery Has The Answers!

We've gathered up 10 common items around your home that will help you get more organized and more room, plus maybe even make a little jingle in your pocket to cover some of that jangle from last month!  Check it out below and as always let us know what you think in our comments section on our socials!

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Top Ten Items That Are Cluttering Your Home

Resolutions tend to be about our own health, but what about other areas? Could cleaning clutter from your home help you feel better? Check out these items in the list!

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