I have never been in a situation where I needed blood, but my son has.  I couldn't imagine the thought of a doctor telling me they couldn't help my son due to a shortage of blood.  Nobody would want to hear that.  One thing we don't realize is that this situation gets close to happening.

The need for blood is always high.  Not because they are stocking up and storing blood in giant storage units, but because the need is always high.  A lot of the times, the amount of stored blood is at a critical level.

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The good news is that this problem is easily solved.   Donate.  Blood donation is a powerful act of kindness.  Nobody really knows who receives your blood or for what reason, but if the recipient of your donation could give you a call and thanked you for saving their life, you might feel differently the next time you donated blood.  I would love the opportunity to call the donors of the blood my son needed and thank them for saving my son's life.

Donating blood is a lifeline for countless patients undergoing medical treatments, trauma victims, and those with chronic conditions. Blood transfusions are essential for surgeries, cancer treatments, and accident victims, giving hope and a second chance to those facing critical health challenges. The American Red Cross continuously strives to provide a constant and safe supply of blood to meet the growing demand for such life-saving interventions.

A big than you to all who are active blood donors and everyone who donated blood in the July with Pump Up the Volume of Blood.  This is a little competition among the radio stations here in Great Falls.  Blood donors are asked what station they listen to, and we see who comes out on top.  KOOL 92.9 comes out on top.  More KOOL 92.9 listeners donated blood than any other radio station.  The real winners are all the doners, everyone that donated blood regardless of what station they listen to.  Thank you.  You have truly given the gift of life.

Canva photo
Canva photo

Everything you need to know about local blood draws, downloading the American Red Cross app, and other ways to help is right here. 

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