Man Arrested In Connection With Human Trafficking In Great Falls

Encounter and Initial Suspicions

During a routine traffic stop on December 27th, a Cascade County deputy engaged with Johnathan Taylor, a passenger accompanied by a female driver. Notably, the vehicle was registered to a different female, prompting initial doubts, as detailed in court documents.

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Arrest and Heightened Doubts

Initially detained on a Texas drug warrant, Taylor's inconsistent narrative regarding their trip and connections with the women raised concerns. Further questioning by deputies, especially regarding the vehicle's ownership, visibly perturbed Taylor, according to court documents.

Uncovering Alarming Indicators

Deputies uncovered troubling signs hinting at potential prostitution or human trafficking during their investigation. Subsequent searches yielded $400 in cash and two cell phones, adding to the suspicions.

Monitoring and Discoveries

Surveillance of Taylor's phone calls from the Adult Detention Center, in collaboration with a Cascade County detective, led to the discovery of sexually explicit ads linked to the involved women. These ads strongly suggested a transactional exchange for sexual services.

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Ongoing Conversations and Threats

Conversations monitored between Taylor and the female driver revealed continued references to prostitution and trafficking. Taylor's demands for daily financial contributions to his jail account further intensified concerns.

Denials and Prosecution's Push

Despite mounting evidence, Taylor denied any knowledge of the explicit advertisements during questioning on January 8th. Prosecutors, citing Taylor's history of fleeing arrest and previous felony convictions, are urging for a $100,000 bond, citing concerns about his potential flight risk.

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