Keith Urban made a triumphant return to the American Idol stage during Sunday night’s (May 21) finale episode.

After taking some time to mentor the Top 3 contestants earlier in the week, Urban hit the stage himself to deliver his fun song “Wild Hearts.”

Although he remained behind a standing microphone, Urban brought plenty of energy with him to the Idol stage. Dancing, strobe lights and even a little bit of pyrotechnics helped set the mood for the feel-good song that had the audience pumping their fists.

Before hitting the stage, the country singer explained his song choice to People, saying: "I chose it because I think it really lyrically suits the journey that these artists are all on."

"Now listen, has anyone ever told you you'll never amount to anything? / You're just wasting your time chasing the tail of a dragon kind of dream? / But I'm here to tell you anything can happen in this life / If you got that heart and the passion and a God-lit fire inside," Urban sings in one verse of "Wild Hearts."

That's a message intended for all the dreamers out there, the singer says — including those watching from home.

"A lot of people who watch the show have dreams and aspirations, and they're either pursuing those or they've put them on hold, and they just need a reminder to get back on that track again," he reflects. "The song is definitely an anthemic call to following your dreams, for sure."

Urban served as a full-time judge on American Idol from Season 12 to Season 15. He also has experience serving as a vocal coach on the Australian version of The Voice.

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