When I comes to riding bikes. people love to get out there and see what one can do on two wheels.

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That includes, making sweet jumps, riding dirt BMX, Distance riding across the state or the country, and just flat out riding around with no hands.


This may seem common place for the skilled rider, and a marvel to the young rider showing their parents what they are made of. Other take advantage of speed while using no hands to transport things they wouldn't normally be able to like food, drinks, and other precious cargo.

However, can you legally ride your bike around the streets legally let alone safely?

I used to see many people when I went to college do a myriad of things while riding a bike and they had impeccable balance eating food, drinking, typing on a cell phone and even throwing fisbees.

I've always wondered if spotted by any traffic police, would they be stopped and fined?

Turns out in some cases they would.


It does not directly say in the Montana Code that it is illegal to ride with no hands, but traffic laws do dictate a one handed rule when operating a
"human-powered" bicycle.

According to the Montana Code 61-8-606 on carrying articles on a bike, it states:

A person operating a bicycle or moped may not carry any package, bundle, or article that prevents the person from keeping at least one hand on the handlebars.

Would an officer stop you if they sot you with no hands?

Highly doubtful. I would only see this happening if your carrying a television, bowling ball, or just generally being unsafe.

Act accordingly.

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