He was missing for three days but he's been found alive.  Matthew Read of Dexter, Michigan was found by a helicopter who picked up a thermal heat signature in a heavily forested area early this morning.  He was out for a day hike Friday on the Huckleberry Lookout Trail when he failed to return.  His vehicle was found at the trailhead Sunday and the search  began.

Helicopter crews lowered down a rescuer to Read's location and found him somewhat responsive.  Read was extricated via a 175 foot hoist in the middle of the night and flown out of the park to a waiting ambulance.  No word on what hospital he was taken to but Glacier National Park officials say he is in stable condition.

NPS website
NPS website

Read was able to tell authorities that he reached the first saddle of the trail Friday afternoon when he encountered a snowfield covering the entire trail.  He says he then slipped and fell into an unnamed drainage on the east side of the trail.  From that point he says he lost his phone, shoes and water bottle and was in chest-deep snow.  He says he determined at that point that he could not make it back up to the trail so he decided to work his way down the drainage.  He spent nearly three nights out in the snow trying to get to safety before authorities were able to find him.

Read was last heard from early Friday afternoon when he began his hike.   Huckleberry lookout trail, which was closed due to the search is now back open.

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