Could A New Smoking Law Come To Montana Next?

Smoking in America has a long history. For years smoking was seen as cool, acceptable, even at one point healthy.

These days we all know the health risks involved and people are allowed to make their own personal choices, but could that change in the future with new legislation?

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Smoking is on the decline in America, thanks to anti-smoking campaigns, educating the youth earlier about the dangers smoking causes and new laws restricting where and when you can smoke.

According to the CDC smoking fell from almost 21% of adults in 2005 to almost 12% in 2021.

Sadly e-cigarettes usage has jumped to about 14% for high school students according to a CNN article.

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New UK Smoking Ban

Right now in the UK there is a proposed ban on smoking that could mean it would be illegal for anyone born after a certain date to ever buy cigarettes.

Here is how it would work according to the Independent,

It is expected that the plan - which would effectively ban smoking - would follow a similar format to the measures introduced in New Zealand last December, when they banned the sale of tobacco to anyone born on or after 1 January 2009.

The reforms involve steadily increasing the legal smoking age, making it illegal for the next generation to ever buy cigarettes.

Although exact plans are unclear, it is expected that the UK would also ban the sale of cigarettes and tobacco to anyone born after a certain date, raising the legal age for smoking every year. If the UK implemented the rules by 2027, anyone aged 14 and under now will never be able to buy a cigarette.

So what do you think, would this ban work, or would kids just find a way to still smoke?

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