How A Quarter In Your Freezer Could Keep You Safe

If you aren't constantly doom scrolling Facebook or Tik Tok, you may have missed a recent trend about putting a quarter in your freezer.

No, it's not a life hack to get some cold hard cash, but it is a hack that people in Montana should do to keep you and your family from getting sick.

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When you've got a family to feed every night you might see a great deal on some food when doing your weekly shopping, but you won't be able to use it all right away. That's why freezers are fantastic, they help keep your food safe to eat for extended periods of time when you can't use it immediately.


But what happens if you should unexpectedly lose power in your house? Well, that's where the quarter hack comes in so handy.

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A freezer background with a graphic quarter and a woman smiling while pointing at the quarter

A Cup, A Quarter And Some Water Is All You Need

According to the Family Handy Man website, here's how to keep your family safe if your freezer should lose power,

Whether you’ve got a freezer attached to your fridge or a chest freezer out in your garage, this trick will work. First, grab a freezer-safe cup and fill it with water. Place that cup in the freezer and wait until it’s fully frozen. Then, place a quarter on top of the ice. That’s it!

The idea is that if your freezer loses power, the quarter should still be on top of the ice.

If your freezer lost power, the quarter will be in the middle, or even the bottom of the cup.

This can be a quick eye test for if your food has potentially thawed and is no longer safe to eat.

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