What high school is the oldest in Montana?

I was poking around the internet and came across an article about the oldest high school in Montana.

As I read about the school they said was the oldest, something just didn't ring true for me.

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These days you never can be to sure about what someone says on the internet.

There is so much disinformation going around that it's pretty easy to get some bad information.

That's why I did some sleuthing to find out if the school that the website Family Minded said was the oldest in Montana truly was the oldest.

According to their list, the oldest high school in Montana is;

The old side sign of Hellgate high school in Missoula Montana
Google Maps

Hellgate High School in Missoula.

It was built in 1908 and was the first high school in Missoula, which is now home to 3 public high schools.

Something didn't seem right about that to me though.

Montana became a state in 1889, and you're telling me there wasn't a high school until almost 20 years later?

So as I said, I did my own "research," and thanks to Wikipedia, I found out that the oldest high school in Montana is actually;

The entrance to Helena High School in Helena Montana
Google Maps

Helena High School in Helena

Helena High School opened up in 1876 making it the oldest in the state.

A new building was completed in 1935 where students attended until 1955, when the current high school in the picture above was built.

The high school students moved into said new building and the junior high students occupied the old building.

We're not exactly sure where Family Minded got their information from, but we're glad we could help set the record straight.

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