Where's The Best Burger In Great Falls?

There is a saying "As American As Apple Pie."

With September 18th being National Cheeseburger Day, I think we should change apple pie to either hamburger or to the far superior cheeseburger, because nothing hits the spot like a juicy burger.

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Hamburgers are a unique American culinary invention one that goes back over 130 years and has plenty of people laying claim to be the inventor of.

Who invented the mighty hamburger doesn't matter, what does matter is how quickly it became not just a popular food in North America but around the world as well.

Paired with some fries and arguably you've got one of the best meals money can buy.

A double cheeseburger with fries on a cutting board

The Evolution Of Burgers

Another great thing about the burger, is its versatility.

What started as just ground beef between two pieces of bread has seen the addition of cheese, then bacon, along with lettuce, onion, pickles and tomatoes.

Today there are endless variations of burger combinations, with ingredients like kimchi, peanut butter and jelly, fried eggs, and tons of choices in sauces to top it all off with.

Ingredients of a cheese burger falling on to each other

Burger Masters In Great Falls

That ability to get creative in coming up with new burger creations is what has put some of the burger joints in Great Falls at the top of Yelp's ratings.

With the ability to get a burger at almost any restaurant, you've got to bring your A game to stand out from the pack.

I think you'll see from the gallery below those at the top are true burger masters.

The 10 Best Places To Get A Fantastic Burger In Great Falls

When it comes to burgers in Great Falls you have lots of options. Thanks to Yelp here are the top 10 places to grab a juicy burger in the Electric City.

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