Crime Mapping - How to Keep Track in Great Falls

As crime rates continue to rise, not only across America or even the world, but even right here in little old Great Falls, being in the know is important to individuals and to families.

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A recent article even highlighted towns across Montana that may be deemed somewhat "unsafe" after hours into the night.  Having the ability to find those hotspots in our city can be a great help, and there is a way to find out about your own neighborhood.

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Crimestoppers Isn't Just About Photos in Cascade County

Each month we highlight the latest mug shots from the Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers.  Crimestoppers also highlights "Wanted Wednesday" on their social media page.

Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers via Facebook/
Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers via Facebook

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But you can also track where crime is happening across the city courtesy of Crimestoppers and the Great Falls Police Department.  Citizens can find out exactly where any type of crime is happening and stay informed.

How To Access Crime Maps for Great Falls, Montana

For residents of Great Falls, reports for any type of crime committed within the city limits are posted weekly by the Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers via their Facebook page here.

Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers via Facebook/
Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers via Facebook/

You can also check real time and previous day(s) crime in the city by accessing the website.  Simply enter your location information to see the report.

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